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Credit Card Policy:

Any and all required information needed to charge a client's credit card is guaranteed to be confidential and secure. Client credit card information is never achieved, maintained, shared, misused or held for any reason after the assignment is concluded. It is purged immediately. Guaranteed!
All credit card charges, during the course of an investigation, will be approved by the client before being processed. Guaranteed! A receipt for each charge will be emailed to the client immediately after approval from the client's credit card provider. A link to this page will be included in this receipt email. These charges are irrevocable. In other words, if the results of the investigation do not support your suspicions or do not prove to be productive, you are not entitled to cancel or revoke credit card or Pay Pal charges.

Any cancellations of the charges or refund of the unused portion of the retainer will be refunded to the client by company check from Morris Investigations or, if possible, a processed credit card refund immediately after final billing is calculated. Guaranteed!

If you choose to make the claim to your credit card provider that the work was not performed or that you were charged for services never rendered, that will be your authorization to release any and all private information, computer searches, still photographs, video, written reports or video documentation to the credit card provider. All your information will be presented to the credit card provider to prove that the services were performed and provided. The confidentiality or privacy concerning the investigation will be breached based of your authorization. Guaranteed!

If for some reason the retainer has been paid and the client decides to cancel the assignment before work begins, the entire retainer, minus the credit card company's processing fees, will be returned. There is no case set up fee or any other hidden charges against the retainer. By allowing Morris Investigations to charge your credit card for services or for a case retainer, the client agrees to this policy and fully understands it's purpose.

Updated 4/14/2023

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